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Leon County School Board S.A.I.L. High School Conversion

This project provided for the conversion of an elementary school to accommodate a high school program. The project was completed in six separate phases. The scope of work for Phase A included remodeling to the administrative, classroom, dining, theatre, science labs, and art facilities. Phase B included renovations to Buildings 10 & 11, the creation of new physical science and chemistry lab/classrooms and involved new HVAC systems, refurbished and new science casework, electrical/technology systems, and additions to the existing plumbing system. Phase C included renovations to Buildings 9 & 12, creating new restrooms and new classroom space. In Phase D remodeling and renovations to Building 13 created a new Black Box Theatre and supporting facilities. Phase E included remodeling, renovations and additions to Buildings 3, 7, & 15, converting elementary school classrooms to high school occupancy. Phase F included remodeling, renovations and additions to Building 1, increasing the available square footage for the administrative staff and school security.

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