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Tallahassee Community College Center for Health Education

Baycrest Corporation is building the Ghazvini Center for Health Education, located on Surgeon's Drive near the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, as a joint venture partner. The healthcare center entails 84,000 square feet of learning space devoted to diagnostic medical sonography, emergency medical services technology, nursing, radiological technology, and respiratory care. This health education center will help the regional medical community attract and retain well qualified health care professionals.

The building will include such amenities for the students as radiology rooms with monitors, dark rooms and film storage rooms for x-raying, and ambulance rooms that will imitate the inside of ambulance units to create simulated hospital-like environments that will give students front-line, hands-on training and experience.

This state-of-the-art health center will be a welcome addition to the facilities available to this area for teaching medical sciences.

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