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Leon County School Board Griffin Middle School HVAC Renovations

This project consisted of a complete replacement of the HVAC systems and various interior renovations within two buildings on the campus. Specifically, the scope included replacing the existing HVAC equipment with more efficient gas pack units, replacing ductwork, revamping the electrical systems, replacing the fire alarm system, replacing the ceilings and renovating miscellaneous interior finishes. The construction activities began in November of 2008 and were completed in April of 2009. Being that the duration of this work was in the middle of the school year, Baycrest faced the challenge of working in and around student occupied areas. This challenge was overcome with close coordination with Leon County Schools and with a detailed construction schedule that was designed to take advantage of the absence of students during school holidays. As a result, the work progressed on schedule with no disruptions to the school's daily activities.

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