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Baycrest Receives Commissioner’s Business Recognition Award


Source: Florida Department of Education

Baycrest Corporation received an award from the Florida Education Foundation and the Florida Department of Education on June 17, 2010. The 23rd Annual Commissioner’s Business Recognition Awards Ceremony was held in Tampa honoring District Winners from 50 counties throughout the state of Florida. Baycrest was one of two winners from Leon County to receive this prestigious award.

The following excerpt is from the awards program:

“Last year, Baycrest employees provided over 250 hours of labor and over $30,000 of in-kind services and goods to build a water treatment system at Lincoln High. This system serves as a natural treatment site for storm water run-off and provides an in school laboratory for students who can study the biology of the aquatic life in the pond as well as the physics of the water flow of the pond. In addition, Baycrest provided labor to assist the students with over 2,000 plantings designed to beautify the gardens and serve as a model for natural rain gardens. They also built a bridge to be used as a walkway for students using the gardens.”

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